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Keeping it Kool with OHREC

We have vowed to be the voice of all the learners and students in the Ohangwena region; representing young people’s rights to accessible and quality education, while addressing the complications that they face in their schools.

For example, in the Okatope Combined and Haimbili Haufiku Secondary Schools, we have provided alternatives to the manner in which learners are disciplined in the schools. We will not tolerate the abuse of learners, or the contravention of their fundamental human rights.

During winter, we visited communities from Ongha until Oshikango, marketing the Winter Donation Drive to schools, companies and community members, and collecting donations that we distributed to persons who are at heightened risk of socio-economic exclusion. During the Drive, we received donations of clothing, cosmetics and non-perishable foods, and likewise distributed them to their beneficiaries.

In early June, our Chairperson, Secretary and guests from the UNAM Hage Geingob Branch BEC (Lineekela Haikola and Likius Hailaula) toured various secondary schools in the region; providing motivational talks, encouraging learners to pay attention to their mental wellbeing and providing information about the NANSO-AQFoundation Essay Competition.

Consistent with the National Executive Committee’s 38th anniversary celebrations, the Ohangwena REC distributed confections with unique compliments in Eenhana, and held a themed gathering with children in Endola, to pay forward the kindness that the regional leadership has received from the community in pursuing our mandate.

All in all, our first few months in Office have been nothing short of marvelous– we are motivated to carry the student movement in the region, be the pillar of learners, students and trainees’ voices here, and hold our stakeholders accountable to their mandates.


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