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We are proud of our reputation and popularity as a fledging school of leadership and thought in Namibia, and have a remarkable host of alumni who have risen to national leadership and influence.


From Presidents to Alternate Members, our veterans take up space in the public and private sectors, and continue to carry our spirit of diligent, revolutionary and groundbreaking work and activism. 


Andre Neville Itope.jpeg

Neville Andre Itope

Mandela Kapere.jpeg

Mandela Kapere

Bernadus Swaartbooi.jpeg

Bernadus Swartbooi

Joshua Kaumbi.jpeg

Joshua Kaumbi

NANSO Profile Picture.jpg

Stalin Maharero

NANSO Profile Picture.jpg

Ivan Lombardt

Pohamba Shifeta.jpeg

Pohamba Shifeta

NANSO Profile Picture.jpg

Gellah Haingura

Uhuru Dempers.jpeg

Uhuru Dempers

Vincent Likoro.png

Vincent Likoro

NANSO Profile Picture.jpg

Nathanael Araseb

Ignatius Shixwameni.jpeg

Ignatius Shixwameni

Paul Kalenga.jpeg

Paul Kalenga

Petrus Damaseb.jpeg

Petrus "Pele" Damaseb

Simon Taapopi.jpeg

Simon Taapopi

Ester Simon.jpeg

Ester Simon

Wilhelem WIlhelem.jpeg

Wilhelem Wilhelem

Timoteus Angala.jpeg

Timotheus Angala

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