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We believe that our strength is in our numbers-- our membership base; the learners, trainees and students of Namibia. 

As a nonpartisan and apolitical organisation, we welcome young people from all walks of life, with all types of dreams, and all manner of approach to youth activism

if you believe that our values align to yours, and you conform to the Constitution of NANSO, scroll down, and apply to be a member!

Types of Membership

(a) Full Membership 

Open to full time, part time or distance students, learners and trainees studying and residing within Namibia.

(b) Associate Membership

Open to international students pursuing studies in Namibia, individuals from bona fide organisations or groups in Namibia, and all Namibian individuals studying outside the borders of Namibia. 

(c) Affiliate Membership

Open to organisations formed by other progressive individuals other than students (and whose objectives are aligned with NANSO's), or any structures or organisations formed by Namibians studying outside the borders of Namibia.

Rights and Obligations of Members

A full membership, in line with the NANSO Constitution, are entitled to be elected to leadership positions in our respective structures, and to participate fully and actively in building this vanguard movement of students, trainees and learners. 

Associate members may participate in the activities of NANSO, and to submit proposals of work to the National Students Congress (NSC) or other gatherings contemplated in the NANSO Constitution. 

Likewise, all NANSO members are required to honor and uphold NANSO's governing instruments, and to defend -- as far as it is reasonable -- defend the policies and positions of the organisation.


(If you are at an institution of higher learning, please indicate the campus)

Thanks for applying!
A Branch will get back to you soon!

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