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We have a reputation for being a catalyst for change within Namibia, and our work can be described as committed and unrelenting advocacy for a fee-free universal education that is characterised by equal access, equality, fairness, anti-violence and shared prosperity.

Our motto, Education for Development and Social Progress, is underpinned by the belief that education in Namibia must be geared towards the overall development of the country and the progress of its societies; itself borne of the idea that education has the potential to significantly influence one's socio-economic position, and that, simultaneously, one's socio-economic position has the potential to significantly influence one's educational outcomes.

Our positions on key and priority areas are described below:

Higher Education Funding and Student Accommodation

We support the country’s efforts in ensuring that every Namibian who seeks a higher education has access to it.


Quality Basic Education

We respond to school-based crises as and when they occur, and provide high-level policy influence on the provision and development of education in Namibia. 


Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Menstrual Poverty

We are working to (a) reduce unintended and teenage pregnancies, (b) mitigate period poverty and (c) promote responsible sexual behaviour.


Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Mental Wellbeing

We ensure that school environments are free of harmful beliefs and practices, and that mental health services are made accessible. 

Digital Inclusivity and ICT Infrastructure in Schools

We believe that digital inclusion must be a right, not a privilege, and we are working to reduce the digital divide, while advocating for continuous ICT infrastructure development in schools.

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