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Soar, Oshana NANSO, Soar!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

NANSO is the custodian for all students, learners and trainees in Namibian. Hence, it is our responsibility to ensure that we attend to the needs of our constituents.

Our work as a student body here in the region is centered around promoting quality education, addressing social issues hindering the pursuit for education and empowering young people to excel academically and become agents of social change. Over the years, we have made it an obligation to make sure that the NANSO leadership is felt in all corners of the region. We pride ourselves to be the most proactive, radical and most inclusive student body in the region.

Being the voice of students for us means standing up for injustices imposed on students, learners and trainees. Ours is to challenge schools and institutions of higher education policies and procedures that limit the potential of students, learners and trainees.

As per our mandate, we commit ourselves to ensuring that no student, trainee or learner is denied an education because of oppressive policies.

We also believe in harnessing and fostering young people’s skills through activities such as debates and public speaking. We host debate, public speaking and spelling bee competitions around the region; giving learners opportunities to learn and engage.

Consistent with the NANSO Constitution, the Oshana region also convenes regional working committee meetings, where branch executives, junior town council members, members of SRCs and LRCs and other young leaders, deliberate on a wide range of issues, while finding ways to collaborate and partner.

However, our work would not be possible without the strong and good working relationship we have with our regional stakeholders. We have formed good working relations with a variety of stakeholders, specifically the regional education directorate, school management, the regional governor’s office, town councils, institutions of higher learning, regional Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and social Welfare Sub-divisions and many more. These relationships allow us to provide policy direction to the benefit of our members.

As a newly elected structure we commit ourselves to continue the work of those who came before us, in making sure that NANSO remains the most vibrant and competent student movement in the region. Our leadership also pledges to amplify the voices of our constituents and serve all Namibian students, learners and trainees without fear or favor, here in Oshana.


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