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Helena Neema

Acting Secretary for Higher Education

Helena Neema was born and raised in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia, where she grew up under the guidance of her grandmother, who instilled in her the values of selflessness and service to others. These values have stayed with her throughout her life and have influenced her approach to leadership and community development.

Helena is pursuing her bachelor of Law at the University of Namibia, she, however, obtained an honors degree in Public Management from the same university where she developed a keen interest in governance, international relations, and development. While at university, Helena distinguished herself as a scholar and leader, serving in various leadership positions, including Speaker of the UNAM Student Parliament, and faculty representative for the faculty of Economics and management sciences. Furthermore, She has served the organization in different capacities including as the Regional Secretary for Political and Internal Affairs and Acting secretary for gender, disability, marginalized communities, and social welfare

Helena's passion for community development and lifelong learning led her to found Evolve Projects Namibia, a non-governmental organization that focuses on promoting education and community development. Through this organization, Helena has worked tirelessly to share and impart knowledge to underserved communities in Namibia simultaneously helping to empower young people and promote social and economic development.

Helena is currently serving as the Acting National Secretary for Tertiary Education where she continues to work to improve access to education in Namibia for all learners, students, and trainees. Through her work, she has demonstrated her commitment to actively building a brighter future for all Namibians.

Helena Neema


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